Mindmap Stories

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To get to know the city is just matter of openness. Talking to our neighbours, saying hello to the grocery guy, help carrying the bag of a stranger elderly woman. So just look around and trust your environment.

Mindmap Stories helps to discover where you live. We focus on urban stories about culture, arts, fates, fetishes, good and bad choices in life. These pure human stories make cities interesting.

Let's start!

Self-irony is one of our favourite qualities, it helps us to survive the daily routine. But everyone has a different one. Let's meet who do we live with: where artists getting inspiration from, which directions young talents are taking and how our heroes live.

Every story helps to process the past, to understand the present and to find the way to future. It is fantastic to applaud to others success but also to learn from their mistakes. This is what Mindmap Stories is all about.